Why I would like my daughter to become a power-lifter

I see no Point in Seeking Advantage over Others
March 2, 2017
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Why I would like my daughter to become a power-lifter

Maybe because it does not limit her options of also becoming anything else;  or
Perhaps because I am not strong enough to be one myself;
But actually, no, it’s much deeper than that.

Today I competed in my first power-lifting event.

Prior to this I had often wondered as to what a typical power-lifter resembled.  I now have my answer.  It’s kind of akin to the question as to what a medical specialist looks like – well, sort of like a general practitioner, but with more degrees.
The event has caused me to reflect on what inspired me so immensely.  I cannot say for certain, but maybe it was:

  • The knowledge that my coach, all things being equal and had she participated, would have taken both the trophy for most weight lifted AND power-to-ratio. Put into context that’s mighty impressive;  or
  • The fact that a “regular girl” who trains alongside me won the power-to-ratio trophy – that was pretty impressive; or
  • The realisation that my daughter, who has rattled around our own garage gym for a few sessions of family deadlifting, is managing to lift 90 kg’s. I can say there’s nothing like a daughter hot-on-your-heels to get you out of the starting blocks faster; or
  • Noting that I was in a room full of female lifters – and there were many of them – all having their weight displayed on a board, publicly. I cannot imagine ever being amidst a different gathering where women would be so free to divulge their weight (meaningless as it may be);  or
  • Simply, and I cannot vouch for myself here because there were no mirrors, but I can say with confidence that there was not a single woman who looked attractive bearing her maximum weight on the bar she was holding. Yet every single one looked amazing again, the minute that weighted bar hit the ground.

I do not write blogs often, probably because it’s something I’m not much good at.  But today’s inspiration was so great that it was as though the (deadlifting) bar wrote it for me.