Limiting choices – keeping life simple

Living Simply – the road less travelled
November 14, 2015
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Limiting choices – keeping life simple

Start to enjoy your kitchen

Don’t worry about whether beetroot, sweet potatoes or brown rice is good for you and whether you should be eating it or not.  Begin on the assumption that anything prepared in your kitchen is better than food which is already prepared.

Get into the habit of buying whole foods.  Start shopping in the refrigerated areas of your supermarket and avoid the shelves containing tinned, packaged, preserved foods.  Brightly coloured labels which catch your eye – regard these with suspicion and in fact, avoid them.

If you can identify a piece of meat as being part of an animal, or a red round fruit as a tomato, take your chances and buy it.

Cook every day and bake only for special occasions.

Fitness model Jackie Lewis

Always make time to appreciate nature and to enjoy the outdoors

Get active and do things yourself

This does not mean rush out to get a gym membership!  It means that you should challenge yourself physically throughout the day, whilst going about your business.

Don’t hesitate to carry the 20kg bag of dog food from the car, you can manage it.  Walk a lot through the day, slow movement is so important.  Deliver your own documents around the workplace instead of waiting for the messenger to clear your out tray.  Take the stairs.

Endeavour to be a stronger and more useful person.

Drink water

Don’t drink your calories.  Adding teas, vegetables and herbs to your water is a great way to introduce variety, but be very sparing with adding fruit.

For the most part, learn to just drink water – plain and simple.


Allocate enough time to sleep and ensure that you are well-rested to tackle each day with vigour.

Get naked

Stop weighing yourself every morning.  Take your clothes off and get in front of the mirror.  Change in body composition is very visible in the mirror and motivates one to keep striving for improvements.  To monitor your shape changing is far more rewarding than simply losing weight and dropping a dress size.

Monitor and relish the visual changes in your body.