Genetic Potential – Let’s strive for it!

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November 14, 2015
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November 26, 2015
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Genetic Potential – Let’s strive for it!

Am I blessed with good genes?

Absolutely yeah!  I have been blessed with a perfectly functioning body which responds to stimulus.  When I overindulge in foods which my body does not need, I get fat and suffer with allergies;  when I eat good wholesome food I flourish, and all those symptoms disappear.  Therefore, I am unarguably genetically blessed.

Like you, I am what I eat.

What about proportions?

I am not sure whether I am proportionally blessed.  Competing in figure competitions is all about proportions – and, standing in those line-ups on stage, it is clear that figures are all vastly varying.  One thing I can say for sure is that every single one of those girls in the line-ups looks amazing.  Toned and fit is awesome, period.   It’s been a huge learning curve and immensely rewarding to work on my proportions in order to compete more effectively.  The most gratifying part is that I can do it without sacrificing optimal health and lifestyle.  I do not “diet”, by this I mean that I am never hungry or dissatisfied.  I monitor (log) my food and I manipulate my calories in order to achieve a certain body fat percentage – for me this is a look in the mirror.   To win the competition on the day is not my measure of personal success.

Being the best you can be ALWAYS pays dividends.

Make it a lifestyle!

Life, for me, is about enjoying optimal health and reaping all the benefits it has to offer.  Life is about being a balanced individual and striving to better yourself and to be a pillar of support to those around you.

Looking good is something we can all accomplish – it just depends on one’s interpretation of what “looks good”.  Fortunately we all have unique preferences and there is always someone for everyone.  But being at optimal is what holds endless appeal for me.  I rely on the mirror a lot for this purpose because decline shows very quickly in my physique.  If I were to ignore my body’s signs and continue on a path of decline I would end up succumbing to illnesses and allergic reactions.

When I feed my body well, it enables me to exercise and to gain strength – a combination upon which I thrive.