Breaking away from Tradition

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January 11, 2016
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December 27, 2016
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Breaking away from Tradition

Instead of seeking substitutes just take the plunge and make a complete change.

Stop cutting back and start cutting out.

Stop trying to imitate things which don’t work for you by compromising and improvising, just frieking ditch them.  Let’s start with the good old Birthday Cake this year.  It’s traditional but it’s crap!  What a headache to bake a gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free cake which tastes like shit, but hey, it’s a cake!

Diseases – they run in families, right?  I’ve heard it a lot.

“My mother’s side of the family has diabetes and my father’s side of the family has cancer, so I just need to accept what comes my way”,

Pfffff.  Absolute nonsense!  Whoever has whatever problem in my family owns it, and I refuse to accept that I have anything other than awesome genes which are champing at the bit to thrive.  The better I eat and the more I exercise the better I feel (and look) without a doubt.  I have proven that to myself and I intend to keep striving for improvements in both of these areas.

Genes are strong!  I have experienced that myself too.   Giving birth to a precious little bundle and seeing, without a doubt, that those toes resemble his/her father’s.  Looking into that little newborn baby’s eyes and seeing a resemblance so strong that I, at times, drifted to believing I was looking into the eyes of his/her father.  Let’s leave this conversation at physical attributes, but know that it extends further …….. (I just feel like a peaceful birthday dinner with my husband tonight).

Let’s touch on tonight’s celebrations.  We intend to have an awesome family dinner – one where we all sit around a table to share a meal.  But we’ll leave it at that.  I have not spent all day baking the brightest creation to make him feel special, and yes, he will be deprived of blowing out 47 candles, but he will go to bed well fed and contented, because for us, life is not about cake and mindlessly following traditions.

We eat to live!

And we love life.