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We should not be on a “diet" We should embark on an overall healthy lifestyle which incorporates so much more than just food. Food is vital, but the less we can focus on it and agonise over it, the easier it becomes. Simplify your life in as many areas as you are able. This does not mean succumbing to mediocrity, it means rather to narrow your focus and to strengthen your efforts.
Turn your focus inward and concentrate your attention on being a useful person, a pillar of strength for others.

About me

I am a 41-year old wife and mother of two. Our family always had a healthy lifestyle (or so we thought!)… we were doing the best we could in a fast-paced life, juggling all our duties and trying to earn a living at the same time.

Five years ago we embarked on a process of simplification. This was a change which started with our diet but slowly filtered through to the rest of our lives as we realized the importance of shifting our focus from food to one of incorporating fun, activities and a wholesome lifestyle.

Since then, I have developed a strong passion for the benefits of making the right choices. We have never been healthier. My body is stronger and leaner than it was in my twenties. Our energy levels have skyrocketed and we haven't been to a doctor for four years.

Friends and family frequently ask me what the secret is to this good health. It's no secret! And I'd love to share what I've learned! Through this I have become a health coach, based on my own experience and extensive research.

My coaching services

I work with individuals who are looking to make a change in their lives, or are already on the path of change. My qualifications are based on my extensive research into lifestyle, nutrition and fitness – I'll work with you not to only be "book smart" on the subject, but "street smart" too! I am based in Kloof, Durban. I offer both one-on-one coaching and group coaching. Contact me now, I'm looking forward to working with you towards good health!
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  • Fitness coaching

  • Lifestyle coaching

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